Historical Novels

Somewhere Around the Corner
Dancing with Ben Hall
Soldier on the Hill
Daughter of the Regiment
Hitler’s Daughter
Lady Dance
The White Ship
How the Finnegans Save the Ship
Valley of Gold
Tom Appleby, Convict Boy
They Came on Viking Ships
Macbeth and Son
A Rose for the Anzac Boys
The Night they Stormed Eureka
Nanberry: Black Brother White
Pennies for Hitler
I Am Juliet
To Love a Sunburnt Country
Birrung the Secret Friend
Ophelia, Queen of Denmark (2015)

The Matilda Saga (HarperCollins)

A Waltz for Matilda
The Girl From Snowy River
The Road to Gundagai

General Fiction (HarperCollins)

(You can read Jackie's vision statement for this book here.)

General Fiction (Angus and Robertson)

Rain Stones
Walking the Boundaries
The Secret Beach
Beyond the Boundaries
A Wombat Named Bosco
The Book of Unicorns
The Warrior – The Story of a Wombat
Tajore Arkle
Missing You, Love Sara
Dark Wind Blowing
Ride the Wild Wind: The Golden Pony and Other Stories

General Non-Fiction (HarperCollins)

For Adults:
Seasons of Content
A Year in the Valley
Rocket Your Child into Reading
The Secret Life of Santa Claus
Earthly Delights
Let the Land Speak

General Non Fiction for Young People (HarperCollins)

How the Aliens from Alpha Centauri Invaded my Maths Class and Turned me into a Writer
How to Guzzle Your Garden
The Book of Challenges
Stomp, Stomp, Whomp
The Fascinating History of Your Lunch
Big Burps, Bare Bums and Other Bad-Mannered Blunders
To the Moon and Back
The Secret World of Wombats
How High Can a Kangaroo Hop?

The Animal Stars Series (Angus and Robertson)

  1. The Goat Who Sailed the World
  2. The Dog Who Loved a Queen
  3. The Camel Who Crossed Australia
  4. The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded
  5. The Horse Who Bit a Bushranger
  6. Dingo: The Dog Who Conquered a Continent

Outlands Trilogy (Angus and Robertson)

In the Blood
Blood Moon
Flesh and Blood

School for Heroes (Angus and Robertson)

Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior
Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs

Wacky Families Series (Angus and Robertson)

  1. My Dog the Dinosaur
  2. MY Mum the Pirate
  3. My Dad the Dragon
  4. My Uncle Gus the Garden Gnome
  5. My Uncle Wal the Werewolf
  6. My Gran the Gorilla
  7. My Auntie Chook the Vampire
  8. My Pa the Polar Bear

Phredde Series (Angus and Robertson)

  1. A Phaery named Phredde
  2. Phredde and a Frog Named Bruce
  3. Phredde and the Zombie Librarian
  4. Phredde and the Temple of Gloom
  5. Phredde and the Leopard-Skin Librarian
  6. Phredde and the Purple Pyramid
  7. Phredde and the Vampire Footy Team
  8. Phredde and the Ghostly Underpants

Picture Books (Angus and Robertson)

Diary of a Wombat (with Bruce Whatley)
Pete the Sheep (with Bruce Whatley)
Josephine Wants to Dance (with Bruce Whatley)
The Shaggy Gully Times (with Bruce Whatley)
Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip (with Bruce Whatley)
Baby Wombat’s Week (with Bruce Whatley)
Queen Victoria’s Underpants (with Bruce Whatley)
The Tomorrow Book (with Sue degennaro)
Christmas Wombat (with Bruce Whatley)
A Day to Remember (with Mark Wilson)
Queen Victoria’s Christmas (with Bruce Whatley)
Picture Book (Scholastic Books)
Flood (with Bruce Whatley)

Dinosaurs Love Cheese (with Nina Rycroft)
Wombat Goes to School (with Bruce Whatley)
Good Dog Hank! (with Nina Rycroft)
The Hairy-Nosed Wombats Find a New Home (with Sue deGennaro)
The Beach They Called Gallipoli ( with Bruce Whatley)

Animal Rescue Series (Scholastic Books)

Elephant Alert
Gorilla Grab
Tiger tangle
Shark Attack

Dinkum History Series (scholastic Books)

Shipwrecks, Sailors and 60,000
Grim Crims and Convicts
Rotters and Squatters
Gold Graves and Glory
Swaggies and Diggers
Weevils, War and Wallabies
Rockin’ Rollin’ hair and Hippies
Booms Busts and Bushfires

Fiction for Adults

A War for Gentlemen (Harper Collins)

Gardening books and self sufficiency books

Note: many of these have been updated several times since they were first released. Others are no longer in print as their information was out of date, and I wasn’t able to update them.

The Best of Jackie French (Harper Collins)
The Chook Book (all about backyard hens)
The Wilderness Garden (Aird Books)
Backyard Self Sufficiency(Aird Books
Organic Control of Common Weeds (Aird Books
Natural Control of Garden Pests (Aird Books
Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting (updated version with the publisher) (Aird Book)s
Soil Food (Aird Books)
The Pumpkin Book (Aird Books)
Top Ten Veg (Aird Books)
The Earth Gardeners Companion (Earthgarden magazine)
The House that Jackie Built (how to build your own stone house (Earthgarden Books)
The Household Herbal (Earthgarden Books)